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Board of Directors

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Mohandes AGM to elect 4 members of the board of directors and 3 substituting members was held on May 1, 2013. The supervisory committee included Mr. Zahedi, Mr. Azima, Mr. Zomorodi and Mr. Zereshkian was elected as the head of the supervisory committee.

The candidates were: 

1.Mr. Darioush Tahmoures zadeh, 2.Mr. Farhad Bakhtari, 3.Miss Farima Vahid, 4.Mr. Nader Akhbari, 5. Ms. Sayeh Rezvani, 7. Mr. Mojtaba Haddadi, 9.Mr. Peyman Moeini

The total number of votes was 39 and the elected members were as follows,

1.     Miss Farima Vahid (36 votes)

2.     Mr. Mojtaba Haddadi (31 votes)

3.     Mr. Darioush Tahmoures zadeh (30 votes)

4.     Mr. Farhad Bakhtari (28 votes)

These members were elected as the BOD members for the next two years and Mr. Peyman Moeini(24 votes), Mr. Nader Akhbari (16 votes) and Ms. Sayeh Rezvani (3 votes) were elected as substituting members of the BOD.

The first meeting of BOD for the year 2013-2014 was held on May 7th, 2013 in order to elect chair and other positions per clauses 5-4 & 5-5 of constitution.
The majority of board members were present in this meeting and the result of elections is as follow:

Title Assignee
Chair Darioush Tahmoures zadeh
Vice Chair Farima Vahid
Secretary Pantea Pervisian
Treasurer Mojtaba Haddadi
Head of Culture and Technology committee Mohsen Refahi
Head of Registration and Membership committee Alireza Khodabandeh
Head of Social committee Farhad Bakhtari

Other BOD members that will work and cooperate with above executive committees are:
Peyman Moeini - Nader Akhbari - Sayeh Rezvani


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