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Charter of Mohandes

1-1   Kanoon refers to MOHANDES - Canadian Society of Iranian Engineers and Architects.

2 - Objective

2-1 The Canadian Society of Iranian Engineers and Architects "Mohandas" is a non-political, non-profit, and non-religious organization which serves Iranian Engineers, Architects and Scientists in Canada.  The objective of this society shall be:

(a)  To promote the professional and social interest of its members
(b)  To facilitate Iranian engineers and architects to adapt to new environment
(c)  To introduce Iranian engineering and architectural history
(d)  To establish relationship with other technical professional organizations in Canada

3 - Membership

There shall be three classes of membership in the Society, namely sustaining membership, associate membership, and honorary membership.

3-1 Sustaining Membership

A person shall be a "sustaining member" when she/he pays membership dues and satisfies at least one of the following criteria:

(a)   She/he is registered or licensed professional Engineer or Architect in any  province or territory of Canada.
(b)  She/he  has a bachelor degree in engineering, architecture or science.
(c)   She/he  has a degree in engineering technology  (3 years of post-secondary study) Plus one (1) year of experience in the related field.
(d)  She/he has a diploma in engineering technology (2 years of post-secondary study) plus two (2) years of experience in the related field.
A sustaining member shall be entitled to vote for the election of delegates to the General Assembly and being eligible to hold seats on the Board of Directors of the Society.

3-2 Associate Membership

A person shall be an “associate member” when she/he satisfies one of the following criteria:

(a)  She/he enrolled and finished her/his second year of study in accredited engineering programs.
(b)  She/he graduated a two or three years of study in accredited programs at a technical institute.
(c)  She/he enrolled and finished her/his second year of study in accredited engineering, architecture, or science program.

3-3 Honorary Membership

A person shall be an honorary member when she/he has made a significant contribution towards achieving the objectives of the Society, and has been approved by the Board of Directors.

3-4 The term of membership shall be from May 1st of each year to April 30th of the following year.

3-5 An associate member shall be required to pay a membership fee equal to 1/3 of a sustaining membership fee.

3-6: The word "Science" in clause 3-1 (b) and 3-2 (c) refers to "Engineering related Sciences"


4-General Assembly

4-1 General Assembly shall be the highest decision making authority of Kanoon.
4-2 General Assembly is held at least once a year in the first week of May to elect the Board of Directors and approve the annual budget.
4-3 General Assembly shall be the sole authority to decide the followings:

(a)   To elect the Board of Directors
(b)  To approve or change the charter of Kanoon with a quorum of more than 2/3 of the present members in the meeting
(c)   To approve the annual report and financial statement
(d)  To elect the treasurer or appoint an auditor

4-4 General Assembly may be held more than once a year when:

(a)   The Board of Directors shall call the Meeting on its initiative
(b)  The Board of Directors shall convene a meeting within forty-five (45) days of being called to do so by notice in writing signed by at least twenty-five (25) of its sustaining members, except that more than ninety (90) days shall elapse between two meetings of General Assembly.

4-5 At any General Assembly Meeting a quorum shall consist of fifty percent (50%) of sustaining members plus one (1).  If the requisite quorum is not present, a second meeting shall be held, except that more than fifteen (15) days shall elapse between two meetings.  A quorum is not required for the second meeting.

4-6 To be eligible to vote at General Assembly Meeting, a minimum of three (3) month of sustaining membership shall be required.

4-7 Notice of General Assembly stating the agenda of the Meeting shall be sent to each member at least one month before the date of the Meeting.

4-8 A sustaining member who is absent in General Assembly Meeting, may give proxy to another sustaining member to vote on her/his behalf.  No sustaining member shall be given more than three (3) proxies.

5 - Board of Directors

Board of Directors shall be the second highest decision making authority after General Assembly.  Board of Directors shall manage the affairs of the Society.  Except for the four (4) subjects stated in section 4-3, Board of Directors shall have authority to make decision in all other matters.

5-1 Board of Directors shall be elected by anonymous vote of sustaining members in General Assembly Meeting.

5-2 A sustaining member with a minimum of one year membership shall be eligible to be elected to the Board of Directors.

5-3 All directors shall be elected to a two (2) years term, and shall not be elected more than two (2) consecutive terms.

5-4 The Board of Directors shall consist of seven (7) main members as follows:

(1)   Chair
(2)   Vice-Chair
(3)   Secretary
(4)   Treasurer
(5)   Head of the Culture & Technology Committee
(6)   Head of  the Registration & Membership Committee
(7)   Head of the Social Committee

5-5 The above seven (7) directors shall be elected by the Board of Directors from among their numbers at the first meeting of the Board after General Assembly Meeting.

5-6 Members of Board of Directors who have been ranked 8th to 11th at General Assembly Meeting shall be substitute members.  Each substitute director shall be a member of the Culture & Technology, the Registration & Organization, the Social, and the Publication Committees.

5-7 Board of Directors meeting is held at least once a month.  All directors may attend the meeting.  Substitute members shall attend the meeting as consultants.

5-8 A quorum shall consist of five (5) directors.

5-9 In the absence of one of the main directors, her/his duties may be exercised by a substitute member with the highest ranking among the substitute directors.

5-10 All decisions shall be approved by a majority of the attendance in the meeting.

5-11 In the absence of one of the Board members from three (3) consecutive Board meetings or the resignation, she/he may be replaced by a substitute director with the highest ranking at General Assembly.  If three (3) members of the Board are absent from three (3) consecutive Board meeting or resign, the remaining directors shall forthwith call an election.

5-12 A summary of the Board of Directors Minutes of Meeting shall be published.

5-13 All services provided by the Board of Directors shall be on a voluntary basis with no financial compensation.

5-14 Board of Directors shall continue with their duties until the new Board of Directors is elected.

5-15 Board of Directors may once a year publish the names and educational background of members.

6 - Committee

6-1 In order to accomplish the objectives and task assigned by the Society, Board of Directors shall appoint the following committees:

(a)   The Finance & Legal committee
(b)  The culture & Technology committee
(c)   The Registration & Membership committee
(d)  The Social committee
(e)   The publication committee

6-2 The head of each committee shall be elected from among Board of Directors.  Each committee may recruit volunteers.

6-3 Treasurer shall be the head of the Finance & Legal committee and secretary shall be a member of the committee.

6-4 Vice- Chair shall be the head of the Publication committee.  Two (2) other main Board directors shall be the members of the committee.

6-5 In order to accomplish the objectives of Kanoon, the Board may temporarily appoint other committees.

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